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Welcome to the webpage of Hilltop Acres Property Association.
Hilltop Acres is registered with Collin County, Texas.

    President:        CW Karstens
    Vice President: Allan Deutsch
    Secretary:        Demetra Sinnie
    Treasurer:        Angela Chapman

December 2005 Meeting Minutes:

Owners Present:

  • Karstens
  • Sinnie
  • Kribbs
  • Chapman

Owners Absent:

  • Frederick
  • Deutsch
  • Maldonado
  • New Owner (Previously owned by Blankenship)
  • Melanie Lewis
  • Matt Bartek
  • Petty
  • Don Steffen
  • Conley
  • Lafon
  • Wallace
  • Tres Brown
  1. Treasurer's Report

    1. Current Balance in account is $2408.65
  2. Vice President's Report

    1. Rock and grading was done in late July.
    2. Need to look into grading the road and adding rock.
  3. Update Road Signs

    1. The sign was purchased and is now displayed. This action is now completed.
  4. Researching having a community dumpster.

    • Two options are being looked at:
      1. Rent a dumpster for weekly pickup that replaces everyone's current weekly pickup.
      2. Rent a dumpster for monthly pickup that is only used for additional trash.
    • Details we know so far:
      • Location most likely just after Angela's driveway, might want to find a place not visible from the county road.
      • Concern that wet road conditions may prevent weekly pickup.
  5. Outstanding Dues:

    1. Don Steffen
    2. Carroll Brown
      • Certified Letter sent to new owner Carroll Brown inviting him to meeting. Collin County Records shows purchase date of 8/27/04. To this date, no dues have been paid. Will continue trying to contact.
  6. Nominations for President and Secretary Due by February 15.

    1. President
      • CW Karstens
      • Nominations open
    2. Secretary
      • Demetra Sinnie
      • Nominations open
  7. Location of next meeting:

    1. Karstens
    2. Date and Time: March 5, 2006 at 4 pm, Potluck afterwards

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